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WordPress Dedicated Hosting

Recommended – WordPress Dedicated Hosting

I seem to be inundated with customers asking to make their website Google friendly which is what I do….

But! The first thing I do is run a speed test using none other than Google PageSpeed Insights   < click  I have yet to see a perfect website and wonder if there is one somewhere?

Anyway every slow loading WordPress site I look at is hosted away from WordPress itself… Usually on 1&1, Go Daddy, Hostgator, 123 Reg and so on…. I know these companies aren’t always the best for page speed and a lot of “web designers” will flog you a package on their servers which is almost always a lot of bollocks as they host them on the named sites as they can’t afford their own servers.

My advice is set the whole site up using WordPress and then HOSTING it on WordPress which puts everything under one roof (so to speak) it is all seamless and so simple to manage! This site cost me about £50 total and ranks top on Google for SEO in Plymouth

WordPress offer help and some great designers. All you need is a great theme for your business and a decent SEO service.

WordPress offer a superb baked in SEO system along with blogging platform. Sites start for free – this one = FREE = click >> Mayflower Guides Plymouth  if I wanted to upgrade a little it would cost me about £30 a year!

There is a high end package which costs about £250 a year… Whatever, a site built with WordPress and hosted with WordPress will certainly be a breeze to manage with no nonsense from dodgy webmasters!

Do it!


In Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall? Call David for a personable chat or  SEO in Plymouth


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