Amazon and my first order in 1997

Amazon and my first order 21 years ago…  

In 1997 I was living in beautiful Walnut Creek just outside San Francisco (where I had lived previously). I had started to be a professional DJ again and whilst searching for a certain CD in the Bay Area I gave up and looked the CD up on a popular search engine of the time, Excite was the search engine name.

I needed to buy a personal favourite on CD and found it through Excite and via something called Amazon. The CD was a Motown compilation… If you know me you will know I am addicted to Motown Music!

I gingerly ordered the CD from Amazon and thought I was a real mug as surely it wouldn’t arrive…. Two days after ordering I bumped into Penny our post lady and she handed me a small cardboard package which contained my CD! I was REALLY excited and that was really that… I was hooked on Amazon and still am today…

I did buy bits and pieces from eBay (and sold used cars through eBay Motors)  but to be honest nothing was as simple as Amazon. I’ve spent many thousands of dollars and pounds with Amazon and just once an order didn’t arrive. FEAR set in and I contacted Amazon who immediately sent a new order to me at no cost. The honesty and fast service has hooked me every time. I’ve not been disappointed since!

I now have packages delivered to our local post office or the nearby Morrison’s in Plymouth which has an automated Amazon locker. Way cool!

I often wonder why Google didn’t make more of Froogle which turned into a not very exciting Google Shopping

Here’s a snap of the early Amazon website….would you trust this these days?

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