Retail – House of Fraser etc closure in Plymouth

This was all forecast long ago… So many shops closing in Plymouth and absolutely no reason to shop in the City Centre

Today (June 11th) my wife and I thought about going shopping for quite a few products I will need very soon and, as always, a new pair of flash shoes….. But why spend an age looking around for things we need that may not be for sale in the City Centre?

So our regular visit to Sainsbury’s was cancelled as besides groceries we were on the hunt for some products costing over £300 that we couldn’t find in Plymouth despite Google’ing away. So not only did Sainsbury’s dip out but other shops such as the Original Pasty House which we love (but not the pigeon and seagull poop or the ever present smokers sat outside… We usually popped into Mark and Spencer to check on new pyjamas, undies and the like + some sourdough bread. We would have a coffee and cake outside or at Coffee + on Cornwall Street but we didn’t go into town…..

I wanted a specific Ted Baker pair of shoes and nowhere could I find a pair “in town” so off to Amazon we went and I bought a new Huawei Honor View 10 smartphone at just £399 > <  – beat that Apple – along with some post surgery needs I must have for next week.. Today Plymouth City Centre lost out on about £1000 from Liz and I…


Honor 10

The Honor 10 is equipped with cutting edge smartphone technology. Possessing a 19:9 FHD+ all screen display, 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM, advanced dual camera, super charge, and the latest Android 8 software.

Honor 10 is also powered by an AI processor, boosting the performance to the highest level in today’s market.

Honor 10 will be the first AI phone to lead you to a new era with it’s stunning design and photo capabilities.

3D Portrait lighting with updated face recognition and facial modelling, along with AI-powered system creates professional studio lighting effects.

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