Google Ads for Car Dealers in the Plymouth Area

Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is the least expensive way to get your used cars for sale on Google….. Ads with strong SEO tactics will see your car dealership sell more.

I have worked with Car Dealers many times in the past when I lived in California and even a Boat Dealer in North Carolina.

  • Example: Every used car you have on your lot is unique. Say a Toyota Prius has many variations andcar dealers plymouth this is the way to get to the top on Google Search. If someone is searching for a White Toyota Prius with leather seats and you have one, how can it not be number one on Google? Searches can even show photographs of the car! Paid Google Ads would be cheap as the competition for that car would be very low if any at all. A mixture of inexpensive Google Ads and my SEO service will help you get more buyers to your dealership. I do it for you. Call or Text David here in Plymouth, Devon on 07538 199694

It is unlikely that a potential customer will go from initial interaction to sale in one go make sure you stay top of mind during their buying process with highly targeted Google Ads.

David Saunders
86 Echo Crescent
Manadon Park
Plymouth PL5 3UQ

local seo plymouth



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