StairFaced Ogres – Super Mario Odyssey

Stairface Ogres in Nintendo Switch
Super Mario Odyssey – Help!!!

Off topic but I need help! 

So, most of my downtime, whilst recovering after my ankle fusion surgery, has been spent working on Google projects BUT I have spent a lot of time keeping my mind active playing on our Nintendo Switch and battling daily with Mario in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is absolutely awesome with much action and puzzles throughout each “Kingdom” it is marvellous really.

Anyhow I am stuck! The Starface Ogres at the beginning of the battle for Bowser’s Kingdom are almost impossible to beat… Yes I have seen YouTube video’s of gamers winning at every corner but I just cannot get past the first one so “Help I Am Stuck”

Any comments below please! David

The video below makes this look easy…. It’s not!




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