Amazon and my first order in 1997

Amazon and my purchasing life….

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Amazon and my first order 21 years ago…  

In 1997 I was living in beautiful Walnut Creek just outside San Francisco (where I had lived previously). I had started to be a professional DJ again and whilst searching for a certain CD in the Bay Area I gave up and looked the CD up on a popular search engine of the time, Excite was the search engine name.

I needed to buy a personal favourite on CD and found it through Excite and via something called Amazon. The CD was a Motown compilation… If you know me you will know I am addicted to Motown Music!

I gingerly ordered the CD from Amazon and thought I was a real mug as surely it wouldn’t arrive…. Two days after ordering I bumped into Penny our post lady and she handed me a small cardboard package which contained my CD! I was…

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